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Vermont Comprehensive Contraceptive Education and Certification for the Prescribing Pharmacist

Women in the United States have had access to highly effective hormonal contraception in the form of an oral pill for decades. However, access to this necessary health care service was always contingent on their ability to see a physician or women’s health provider to get a prescription for it, an unnecessary hurdle that can serve as a barrier to care. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have issued a formal statement that self-administered hormonal contraception should be made more accessible by removing this barrier because the benefit of preventing unintended pregnancies by improving access to hormonal contraception outweighs the small risks associated with serious adverse events.

In 2020, that’s what we did. Act 178 created the framework for pharmacists in Vermont to prescribe self-administered hormonal contraception. The Vermont Pharmacists Association was at the forefront of the coalition advocating for this expansion of practice and we are pleased now partner with Oregon State University to offer this training program to Vermont pharmacists who are looking for additional training as they implement these protocols. Additional materials, including self-screening questionnaires, treatment algorithm, and current contraceptive guidelines are available on the Vermont Board of Pharmacy website and linked from

This training program has received significant support and guidance from several OBGYN members of ACOG, and is specifically designed to give pharmacists the tools needed to be confident and successful in prescribing and monitoring self-administered hormonal contraception. Thank you for taking this step to support your patients and advance your profession!

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