COVID-19 Testing in Pharmacies

On 5/19, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) published new guidance that overrides state rules preventing pharmacists from administering COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

On 5/21, The VT Board of Pharmacy, Office of Professional Regulation, and Department of Health published new COVID-19 Emergency Guidance that addresses pharmacist COVID-19 testing in Vermont

  • A helpful checklist has been created to make sure your pharmacy is ready for COVID-19 Testing
  • Testing is only to be done on asymptomatic persons
  • COVID19 testing done by pharmacies is voluntary
  • The State will not be able to provide personal protective equipment and testing supplies to pharmacies

Steps to start COVID-19 testing at your pharmacy 

1) Obtain a CLIA Waiver (Click HERE to learn how)

2) Set up billing

A. Enroll as a Clinical Laboratory with Medicare and Enroll in Medicare Part B 

B. Look for guidance from the State for Medicaid testing and billing

C. Billing to private insurance may be dependent on the insurance and claim. See guidance HERE

3) Obtain PPE and COVID-19 tests that are authorized by the FDA for emergency use

4) Review reporting guidelines to the DOH, patients, and their primary care providers

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