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10/13/2019 19:25 | Lauren Bode (Administrator)

Calling for medication experts (that's you pharmacists!). See below for an opportunity from a local partner in health care education. Of note, this is not sponsored by VPA, but we are passing this on to any interested members. 

Message below:

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at UVM is looking for an adjunct instructor to teach a course entitled "EDCO 387 Therapeutic Psychopharmacology for Counselors." 

Approximately 30 master's level Clinical Mental Health counselors need to take this course during the summer of 2020. A course description, objectives and standards are below. Might you be willing to post this query to the members of the Vermont Pharmacists Association?

Please feel free to contact Lance Smith, PhD with any questions (802) 881-6242.

EDCO 387 Therapeutic Psychopharmacology for Counselors

Course Description 

This course is an introduction to neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and psychopharmacology as they pertain to mental health counseling. Course also covers commonly prescribed medications, issues around prescribing for special populations, ethical issues, and the referral process.

Course Objectives 

  1. To gain basic knowledge of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and pharmacology in order to allow understanding of the mode of action of psychotropic medications, their intended effects, their side effects, their interactions with other medications, and their potential for abuse and dependence. 
  2. To gain familiarity with the more commonly prescribed medications for the treatment of mood, anxiety, thought, attention, and addiction disorders, as well as efficient ways for gathering information about these medications. 
  3. To understand research methodology used in determining the safety and efficacy of medications, to be able to analyze research reports critically, and enable evidence-based comparisons of the efficacy of therapeutic options. 
  4. To explore ethical, economic, and social issues related to prescription of psychopharmacologic agents. 
  5. To explore issues of mental health care in the medical model, as well as professional relationships involving shared care of patients/clients between physicians and counselors. 
  6. To gain knowledge of the referral process, and to explore avenues for collaboration among counselors, other mental health care providers, and medical care providers. 

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